Sale of dogs

German Shepherd dogs  Last Hathy are:

100% pure breed

In our kennel we collected German shepherd dogs of one of the best German-Dutch origin. Pedigree of all Last Hathy dogs dates back to the XIX century and are recognized all over the world

Reliable working features

We specialize in breeding working German shepherds. This means that they can perform various tasks for protection, search or detention. The active use of Last Hathy shepherds in the armies, police and MES from 12 countries of the world is a vivid confirmation of the reliability of these animals

Lifelong accompaniment of each dog

If you have acquired a German shepherd dog in our kennel, we guarantee free advice on his/her upbringing and development throughout the life of the dog. In addition, we provide services for the treatment, training and supply of food, taking into account the individual characteristics of each dog.

In the Last Hathy kennel there are always dogs for sale of different ages, color, sex and level of preparation. For more detailed information please contact us in the way convenient for you.